Why the Current Google for Education is not a Good Idea for kids

Caroline Isautier
2 min readMar 13, 2020

Despite its ease of use and cheapness, schools should not allow access to kids’ private data by a corporation that does not follow the law

Voices have been rising since at least 2014 about the privacy concerns arising from the overwhelming adoption of Google for Education in US and Canadian schools. The New York Times explains how Google went about convincing universities, then schools, to abandon their clunky or absent work suites for its own.

Kids are the product in Google for Education. Schools should stop.

Lawsuits galore against Google for privacy infringement in the US and Europe :

There are tens, maybe hundreds of pending lawsuits and complaints against Google’ s privacy and data collection practices in 2021 if those outside the US are added. Here are articles about a small sampling of them:

2014: Google under Fire for Data Mining Student Emails ( EdWeek)

2015: The EFF is suiing Google for non transparents student data collection

2017: Mississipi AG against Google for Education: K-12 data was used to build advertising profiles

2017: It is impossible to understand how Google Actually Uses Student Information

2017: Class Action Lawsuit in Canada on Privacy practices

2017: Concerned Canadian parent and IT specialist has no way to opt out to Google for Education for his child

2018: European Lawsuits under the GDPR against Google’s “consent blackmail

2019: 50 US attorney generals announce investigation into Google’s Business Practices

2019: We street-proof our kids, why aren’t we data-proofing them?

2020: New Mexico Attorney General sues Google for Data collected through its Chrome Book computers

May 2020: Arizona attorney general sues Google for unauthorized location tracking of users through its phones and Android OS.



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