Who Cares for the Kids in the Digital Age?

Google, Facebook, SnapChat, Musical.ly don’t give a hoot about kids , but quite a few voices are speaking up for them

Its now well documented, some 20 years after Google was born: Silicon Valley’s big consumer tech firms, Google, Facebook (now including Instagram), Snap and Amazon, further to the North, despite the kool-aid they serve masses, have not integrated protection of children’s minds and health in their business model.

The Internet is still a World Wild West in 2018

Educating about Digital’s Threats to Health : Common Sense Media, Media Smarts, Screenagers, CyberWise, Parents Know More and hundreds more

It has partnered with the Center For Humane Technology in February 2018 to launch a national Truth About Tech campaign in the US.

Consumer tech like video games and social media has addiction built-in by design, says the Center for Humane Technology

Our society is being hijacked by technology.

What began as a race to monetize our attention is now eroding the pillars of our society: mental health, democracy, social relationships, and our children. “ — Center for Humane Technology

As an innovative approach to educating youth, Media Smarts has released the Data Defenders online game.
Screenagers documentary looks at digital addiction

In it, she looks at kids growing up in a tech saturated world where a balance needs to be drawn between screen time and screen-free time. In the documentary, filmmaker Delaney Ruston must decide if she should give an iPhone to her teenage daughter.

Parents and kids see it when schools decide to book a showing. See here to find the nearest school showing of Screenagers near you, mainly in the US Canada but also in New Zealand, Hungary, and elsewhere worldwide.

Digital Citizenship involves: digital etiquette, communication, law, rights and responsibilities, commerce, access, health and security.

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