Tech for Good Canada Students during COVID 19 Survey Sample

You’ll find below a description of the 314 student population surveyed for the study of Canadian undergraduate students during Covid 19 in May 2020.

Student Population surveyed:

We sought out college and undergraduate university students in Canada, more specifically in the Eastern and densest provinces of Ontario and Québec, who were not graduating this year, in order to study the impact on their future plans to study.

We offered 25 C$50 cash prizes to be drawn among participants as a non bias inducing incentive to respond to the 4 minute survey. We are announcing the winners May 19, 2020, as we release survey results.

Our sampling has a higher proportion of Ontario students given the survey was in English, at 74%. 86% was enrolled in 4 to 6 classes.

International students were also sought out, as they represent an average of 12% of Canadian University students and 17% of Canadian college students. We asked whether they are paying local or international fees, and based on those answers, the survey’s proportion is at 10%.

This may be inderestimated however. In fact, whereas our targeting of respondents largely included that demographic, we did notice a tendancy to leave the survey when that question was early on, as if some international students were weary of providing that information. We therefore moved the question to the end, as an optional one.

In terms of gender, the majority of respondents are women, at 75%, despite our strong efforts to get more men to respond. Its assumed women are naturally more inclined to express their views on this topic. 3% were gender variant. This study shows ratios of men/women/LGBTQ survey respondents vary.

Students came from a total of 24 institutions for Ontario and 9 in Québec. Please contact me for a detailed report on a per university and area of study report.

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