Offering Quality Screen Time with Free Screenagers Movie Streaming in Pandemic Times

March 28, 2020, Toronto

At a time when watching screens is all the more tempting for youth and adults alike, with its well known hasards to mental and physical health, Tech for Good Canada is sponsoring free online streaming of the award-winning Screenagers documentary in English, with French subtitles. This free online access is available for the first time in Canada, now until April 8th!

Its available online here:

Screenagers documentary Critic says “ A must-see for anyine with lid sin their lives”

This 2016 US documentary Screenagers, directed by Stanford Doctor Delaney Ruston, looks into the impact on young brains of the 6-plus hours of screen time they experience. Its been widely praised in North America but was only available in private viewings to date, as a condition to spark discussion after viewing it among the audience.

Now, anyone can see Screenagers free of charge, at any time, from the confort of their home for the first time in Canada, in English with French subtitles, now until April 8th online.

Tech for Good Canada organized a first discussion (online) on Teens and Digital Media with restricted access on March 26 with Canadian experts on Education and Youth like Dr Kate Tillezcek, Dr Ron Srigley and Dr Natasha Sharma. Find a recap of its very rich discussion on Medium here.

As a movement using Tech for good, we will be offering live online Q and A sessions on healthy digital media literacy for youth and adults with renowned Toronto psychlogist Dr Natasha Sharma after April 2nd. The events will be announced on the Tech for Good Canada Facebook page here.

With kids, teens and young adults at home in these pandemic times, watching the one hour Screenagers movie with the adults caring for them can really help spark a discussion about how unhealthy use of social media & video games can increase anxiety, depression, poor body image, and inability to focus.

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