New, Toronto-based coalition Tech for Good Canada soon to release higher education student survey results during Covid 19

Tech for Good Canada develops actions advocating for the design and use of technology that benefits our societal, mental & physical well being.
We promote all efforts to counter all privacy-invasive, addictive or poorly designed technology and sponsor digital literacy education that includes a critical view of technology.

Tech for Good Canada was concerned about how universities and colleges in Ontario and Québec efficiently adopted online tools to keep teaching and attending to students’ needs during the Covid 19 outbreak that led to home confinement of staff and students.

Preliminary results show institutions and students face major challenges ahead.

This is an online survey of a bit under 400 university and college students in Ontario & Québec asking about their experience pursuing studies remotely, often from home, during the Covid 19 confinement. It ran online from May 10 to May 15, 2020.

The short, engaging, 5 minute survey ( the average time is closer to 4 minutes) is available to second and third year Canadian undergraduate students who wish to continue participating here:

Student survey results to be released Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Partial survey results will be available online on and at 10 am Toronto time.

Preliminary results (not for publication) on the impact of Covid 19 confinement on students’ ability to study:

From Digital Marketing to Digital Well Being. Tech for Good. / Pro du marketing digital passée à la Tech4Good.

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